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Vi har flere flotte lærere. Rangert etter profilens kvalitet og erfaring innen deres felt. Syed vil med glede organisere deres første Metodikkkurs.


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Syed - Prof metodikk - Oslo
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Learn to make methodological choices: deciding about research paradigms and choosing between quantitative and qualitative research designs. Get help from university faculty and a research supervisor.


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Vi har flere flotte lærere. Rangert etter profilens kvalitet og erfaring innen deres felt. Syed vil med glede organisere deres første Metodikkkurs.

Om Syed

I am working as full-time faculty in Research Methods, Econometrics, and Statistics courses. In addition, I have vast experience in research supervision, including roles as thesis supervisor, senior research fellow, coordinator of research, a consultant on contractual projects, and author.

I am pleased that students from the University of Oxford, The University of Chicago (Booth), Kings College, LSE, The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, Lund University, and Stockholm University, sought my help and wrote lovely reviews for me. 

Also, I am humbled by the confidence of the professionals, including an international development professional researcher at the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the Managing Director at National Standard Finance (NSF), senior advisors in Government affiliated institutions, a research fellow at the Imperial College London, a visiting scholar at the Harvard University, and many more, who sought my guidance for their professional needs.

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Om undervisning

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Are you skeptical and worried about methodological debates and the anxiety of dealing with quantitative or qualitative data? My narrative and preferences during the course of teaching and research supervision are briefly stated as follows:

Finding gaps in the literature, and avoiding bounded rationality:
As faculty of research methods and as a research supervisor I have to make sure that the research notion is indigenous. Researchers need to carefully differentiate between obsolete, contemporary, and forthcoming designs. Such a critical assessment is needed so that the intellectual worth of the proposed research may early be assessed. I pay attention and make sure that the research notion or the stance is not affected by too little knowledge of the researcher.

Synchronizing hypothesis with research design:
While furnishing the design of the research, I carefully inspect the choice of methodological tools and justify the needs of the data and the stated hypothesis.

Structuring the thesis:
Special emphasis is laid on how to structure the document into a detailed table of contents, and how to conduct, and write a review of the literature.  

Making data collection choices:
Deciding how to make choices of the data collection between alternative formats of the data ranging from primary data collection to the use of the secondary data, deciding about the selection of variables to synchronize with the theoretical framework of the analysis, and determining which of the data analysis tools may better approximate the stated research hypotheses, are some of the crucial aspects that require a delicate and careful attitude of the researcher and the supervisor.

Supplementing data analysis packages: 
Regardless of your preferences for qualitative research, doing quantitative research and the ability to evaluate quantitative works should not be a limitation/ inability, for persons who have their full career ahead. The applied aspect of data analysis for quantitative methods is facilitated by Stata, Minitab, or packages like SPSS, while the qualitative data may better be analyzed using the Nvivo package. 

Interpreting findings and results:
Once the data has been analyzed, it is important for us to explore the underpinning of results, to rationalize them as part of the write-up of the paper. Validating model estimates, explaining the model utility, testing goodness of fit, and evaluating the findings of specification tests are important parts of a research project. For the balanced write-up of the technical part of the paper, it is important to suggest some loss of information, and measurement errors, if any. Claiming high or moderate confidence about the validity of your analysis, keeping in view the limitations of the study is strongly been suggested for students and professionals. 

Referencing and avoiding plagiarism:
Referring to the sources of derived knowledge as part of in-text citation, and avoiding the incidence of plagiarism remains a key consideration, during the course of guidance. Sometimes the referees and examiners can give high priority to your compliance with the writing styles, such as the APA, or the Chicago manuals.

Research reporting:
How to report findings and results, how to interpret results, and how to specify limitations of research.

Supplementary note:
In addition to regular discussion, explanation, and interpretation during the online meeting, I utilize the graphical tablet for taking notes, making graphs, writing equations, etc, and screen sharing options, so that you get the similar feel of a live classroom.
At the end of the lesson, I am used to sending the file of my notes to you, so that during the session one can fully concentrate on the discussion.

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For communicating your academic concerns, and for the tentative planning of lessons, we can have a 15 minutes complimentary session. 

The mentioned fee is for lessons on regular course content. If it is deemed necessary to review your project or the work (files), before the meeting, I will communicate my time allocation on the review process that needs to be reimbursed.

Supplementary note: In addition to regular discussion, explanation, and interpretation during the online meeting, I utilize the graphical tablet for taking notes, making graphs, writing equations, etc, and screen sharing options, so that you get the similar feel of a live classroom.
At the end of the lesson, I am used to sending the file of my notes to you, so that during the session one can fully concentrate on the discussion.

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Finn ut mer om Syed

  • When did your interest in this subject and for private tuition begin?

    My fondness for teaching profession has traces at the stage of my schooling: when I and my siblings were used to ask parents about different occupations and professions, so that every one of us can choose a plausible career path, accordingly. I can clearly recall that my father was used to say that though prophets and saints opted quite a few professions, but teaching and health care are always being regarded amongst incredibly noble professions. I can say that the strong literary background of my parents predominantly appreciated my respect for teaching profession.

    For quite some time in pedagogical sciences it is being preferred that in order to ensure individual attention, small group of students have high efficacy, over large number of students. In recent times, theories of personality development further stress upon individualization. In this context we as academician require to assess personalized needs of students, with great diligence. In one on one coaching I carefully make use of case specific illustrations, examples, choice of analytical tools etc. to ensure in-depth understanding of the subject. If the subject in itself is rather complex, I make sure to simplify things.
    I liked the Superprof. Portal as it gives comprehensive outreach to students, in form of one on one/ group caching and also through online consultation.
  • Tell us more about the subject you teach, about the topics you enjoy sharing with students (and possibly those you like less)!

    My learning and teaching interests include Quantitative methods: Mathematical modeling; Econometrics; and Statistics, core subjects in Economics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, while heart of my academic proficiency lye in thesis supervision, in domain of Social Sciences and humanities. So far, I have supervised over 141 theses of Honor’s, Master’s and at M.Phil levels.
    Regarding digitalized computational/ analytical skills, I am proficient in using Stata, SPSS, Minitab, Statgraphics, Maple, WinQSB, Nvivo and Turnitin, both in my teaching as well as in my research experience.
  • Tell us about your idols, whether it was a teacher who left a deep mark or a work of art that inspired you.

    I can clearly mention that I am providential enough that my father suggested me to opt Economics, Statistics and Mathematics as soon as I completed my schooling, as he viewed these subjects more close to my nature. Throughout my career, whenever my temperament and skillfulness is appreciated by my students or at International forums, I always thanked my late father, for assessing me so well. As I was duly equipped with different aspects of quantitative methods due to my long standing interest, I enjoyed quantitative proficiency not just in my teaching experience but predominately in my research experience as well.
  • Which, in your opinion, are the necessary quality to be an expert in your field?

    A strong background in quantitative skills is a prerequisite for quite some time as there has been an intense use of Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Econometrics & Regression analysis, Mathematics of chance: Game Theory as well as of mathematics of optimization: Linear/ nonlinear/ integer/ goal programming etc, in academic curricula and in research. Secondly, I feel that a good teacher essentially should have good sense of observational psychology: within a short conversation he/ she should carefully assess personalized needs of the student. And last but not the least, a good communication skill: ability of making simplification; wide choice of vocabulary and an easy going conversation style.
    While tutoring, the timing/ stage of seeking student response/ feedback is always very important: un till I feel that student has grasped something, the feedback of the student is always being invited with a pause, so that he/she can participate effectively, without losing confidence/ faith.
  • An anecdote related to your subject or education you want to tell?

    At a young age of 24, I was invited as visiting Professor to teach Econometrics to master’s classes. I had to spend days and night before the semester start, to fully grasp the subject as well as to fully absorb lecture contents, as part of my understanding. Getting such a tough assignment at a young age developed my temperament, and in rest of my career this time investment amused me a lot.
  • Despite your multi-talents, maybe you also had some difficulties at school? Tell!

    I am bit skeptical that in last around one decade or so, due to extensive use of digital/ mobile gadgets and social media, we have witnessed that the ability of students to concentrate on academics has adversely been affected. Simultaneously, the habit of consulting books and libraries also witnessed slackness.
  • Help us to get to know you better by sharing your passions (which you might share a day via Superprof).

    Potentially, I can manage to explain how students can be benefited through digitalization in education, specifically in domain of research. Secondly, I can arrange seminars on the incidence of plagiarism, how its incidence is being detected, how to avoid it naturally, and what legal complications can arise, if its incidence is established.
  • What makes you a Superprof?

    Precisely, I can say that I have sizable experience of teaching in above mentioned subjects; lots of experience as thesis supervisor; have 13 journal publications in the Norwegian Database of Scientific publication (NSD); was invited as International guest at Peradeniya International Economics Research Symposium in 2014; worked as a consultant on two contractual projects; and last but not the least, I have 14 International conference proceedings.

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