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« Hun er en av de mest tålmodige personene jeg har møtt, og har... Les mer »
« Hun er en av de mest tålmodige personene jeg har møtt, og har alltid smil på lur. Hun har mye erfaring fra UiT med å hjelpe andre med fag som matte og fysikk. Vil absolutt anbefale Eeke til andre som trenger hjelp med matte og fysikk fag. »
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Hjelp til matematikk, fysikk, mekanikk, kjemi, eller andre teknikk- eller realfagrelaterte fag, spør meg!! :)


Det første trinnet jeg begynner med, er å forklare ting, men rask etter det, utfordrer jeg elevene og studentene å tenke selv. Jeg hjelper med å finne fram svaret, men gir ikke svaret. Ved hjelpe av å stille de riktige spørsmålene, prøver jeg å la eleven eller studenten finne fram svaret selv. På denne måten kan eleven/ studenten finne svaret neste gang også, med å bruke den samme metoden igjen.


Jeg er ingeniør og har studert maskin, industriell produkt design, ingeniørdesign og jeg tok ekstra fag innenfor bygg, data, elektro, matematikk, arktisk fysikk og flere artistiske fag og filisofi.


Reiseutgifter : 2kr
Priser for webkamerakurs : 150kr/time
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Eekes CV

Work experience, activities and studies

From September 2018
Substitute mathematics teacher (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik);
Main task: teaching mathematics when other teachers cannot take the classes

From August 2018
Year study: Nature guide (in Svolvær and Tromsø, at Tromsø University, campus Tromsø)

From August 2017
Student assistant Mathematics 1, 2, 3 and Physics 1 and 2; main task: correcting
assignments in matte 1, 2, 3 and physics 1 and 2 (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)

January 2017 – July 2017
Mathematics teacher (in Narvik, at Solhaugen, Narvik secundary school); main task: teaching mathematics

From August 2016
Master study: Engineering Design (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)
(with some extra subjects in building technology, electronics, programming and data engineering)

From July 2016
Leksehjelp (homework tutor) for mathematics (forkurs, y-vei, tretermin, economics, matte 1, matte 2) and physics; main task: explaining methods for solving problems in both mathematics and physics (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)

Summer 2016, 2017, 2018
Teacher in mathematics summer course for Y-vei students; main task: teaching students basic mathematics to prepare them for Bachelor level mathematics (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)

From December 2015
Mentor (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)
Main tasks: giving individual help to bachelor students that need help with amongst others: mathematics (both pre-Bachelor mathematics and mathematics on Bachelor level: matte 1, 2, 3), physics, statistics, chemistry, mechanics, dynamics, statics, geotechnics, building technologies, computer aided design (help with several CAD programs) and general study help; how to get organized when studying, how to get started preparing for exams, how to plan different subjects, projects, homework and private time and how to find a balance in all of this (mainly available for students with special needs, supported by NAV)

From October 2015
Student Assistant mathematic (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)
Main tasks: giving extra classes of mathematics to a group of students that need extra explanation (mainly Y-vei, forkurs and tretermin) and giving individual help to students that need help with mathematics and physics (both Y-vei, tretermin, forkurs and Bachelor engineering students) and correction of mathematical exercises

August 2015 – June 2016
Study: Norwegian language and society (in Narvik, at Tromsø University, campus Narvik)

May 2015 – August 2015
Painting and carpentry in a house (in Straumsnes).

October 2014 – February 2015
Scooter post deliverer at PostNL (side job while preparing to move to Norway)

April 2013 – July 2014
Packaging Developer at Philips (Drachten)
Main tasks: setting up packaging requirements and specifications, communication with suppliers, making CAD die-cuts for boxes and inserts (ArtiosCAD), working out 3D-models of packaging and contents (volume studies in Unigraphics/ SolidWorks) including blisters and pulp trays, FMEA, CAD-file reviews (received from suppliers), artwork and sample checks and approval, release tests, calculating and enter logistic information (Cape, Cemafore), creating packaging matrices (and BOM), writing packaging instructions

October 2012 – March 2013
Product developer/ product designer at Technisch recruitment (Tietjerk),
 Jongia (Leeuwarden): standardisation of standard mixers, blenders and stirrers; creating a choice schedule from which a standard offer, work drawings and material orders can automatically be obtained (Inventor)

September 2011 – July 2012
(Senior) engineer/ product developer/ product designer in several projects:
 Autonational (IJlst): design of a carriage and of a carrier for a glass fibre mat roll for a resin tube fibre winding machine (OSD Modeling)
 Exerion (Ulft): design of a frame for a blood analysis machine for Siemens Healthcare (Unigraphics)
 Jongia (Leeuwarden): design of mixers, blenders, stirrers (Inventor)

February 2011 – September 2011
Volunteer work (in Versailles, France), main goal: learning French

March 2007 – January 2011
Product Development Engineer at Philips (in Hoogeveen & Drachten),
main tasks: setting up requirements for new products and also for new (sub-) features of products, organization of brainstorm sessions, making proposals for all kinds of solutions and selecting the best solutions with supporting reasons why they would be the best solutions, designing these solutions (in CAD) to working prototypes and preparing them for implementation in real products, designing (also in CAD) optimizations for products, both in the functional area (how can a function be performed better or more robust) as in the optical field (how to avoid streaks, flow lines, etc. on my product), checking products on their level of sustainability and proposing improvements on this (Unigraphics)

May 2006 – February 2007
Design manufacturer/ junior engineer at Irmato Engineering Office (in
Arnhem), main tasks: various projects, including: design of gas trains and injection moulding machine screws (OSD modeling & drafting)

August 2004 – February 2006
Volunteer work (in Taizé, France), (international group, main language: English), main tasks:
 Organization, design and responsibility for decorations for the exhibition halls in Lisbon and Milan (for European youth meetings).
 Responsibility organization and administration of different teams each week in a non-profit store.
 Various other tasks including cooperation, responsibility, leadership and organization.

July 2004 – August 2004
Carpentry, reconstruction, room addition and building a new grass roof and stairs for a hut (in Øyjord).

September 2000 – July 2004
Bachelor studies: Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design (in Zwolle, at Windesheim University)
 Graduation project - design assignment: "Beamercar": problem analysis, market research, vision, ideas, drawings, concepts, concept choice based on QFD (quality function deployment), detailing, models, material choice, cost price calculation, strength analysis; complete design process for a product that allows both the transport and positioning of a laptop and a projector. (February - June 2004)
 Internship at Rolego (in Rijssen), design and drawing of stairways, fences, awnings and car transporters in Solid Works. (March 2003 - July 2003)
 Internship at Alescon (in Hoogeveen), design project: “safety fence”; improving the product, market research, problem analysis, design and cost price calculation. (September 2002 - February 2003)

School years 1994 – 2000
 Secondary school: VWO - atheneum (in Zwolle, Agnieten College, location Carolus Clusius) – comparable to Gymnasium in other countries.
Exact subjects with one additional exam subject (Dutch, English, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics II).

School year 1993 – 1994
 Secondary school: first class (in Groningen, Augustinuscollege)

 Study-related courses:
Programming in Python (2013), Value Engineering (2010), DfSS (Design for Six Sigma - 2010), Finite Elements (2009), Plastics Design (2009), Plastics (2007), Design principles (2009), TRIZ (2008), SIT (Systematic Inventive thinking – 2008), Electronics (2008), Sound and Vibrations (2007), NEN3140 (2007)
 Personal development-related courses:
Open Mind Management (2010), MBTI (2009)
 Work-related courses:
BHV (company emergency assistance – 2008, each year update courses until 2014), First Aid (2009, each year update courses until 2014), Fire brigade (diploma 2010), pedagogy & didactics (2010)
 Hobby-related courses:
Badminton Coach/ Trainer (NBB, Rotterdam 2002), Various badminton related courses (VBO & NBB), Speed Badminton (2008), Climbing instructors course (NKF, Narvik 2015), Activity leader course (NSI, Oslo 2017), Tour leader course (DNT, Harstad 2017), sommer tour leader course (DNT, Lofoten 2018)

Other activities
 Guest lectures at primary, secondary, high school & university in general technology, electronics, IT and tutoring (The Netherlands, 2008 – 2015)
 Promotion of technics (especially at schools) via the organizations VHTO/ Spiegelbeeld and JetNet
 Voluntary fire brigade Philips (2009 - 2010), Røde kors hjelpekorps Narvik (from 2015)
 Organization of various youth meetings in the Netherlands (and some abroad; 2000 – 2015)
 Volunteer work for various churches and badminton clubs
 Management work as vice president and as head editor of student organization Chalyben. (2000 - 2002)
 Board member in ISU (International student union, 2015 - 2019), Leader/ trainer of Hinil/ Sinus badmintonklubb (2015 - 2019), Board member (nestleder) in Sinus (Student sports club in Narvik, 2017 - 2019)
 Tour leader in DNT (from 2017)
 Climbing instructor (from 2016)
 Hobbies: badminton (trainer from 2002, training activities in both the Netherlands and Norway), hiking, climbing, skiing (both cross country and downhill), cycling, reading, music (especially recorder, flute, clarinet, guitar, piano, singing, several other instruments), programming & design, drawing, painting.

passive: active:
 Dutch excellent excellent
 English excellent excellent
 Norwegian good good
 German good reasonable
 French good reasonable

Driving licence
 License B

Computer proficiency
 Dos, Windows, Linux, MS Office, GeoGebra, Internet
 Macromedia Studio, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Rhino
 Scientific Workplace, Matlab, Labview, Syswin
 Doors (requirements), CQM Tolerance designer, Minitab (six sigma), Ansys, EcoScan Life, Isah-7, Cape, Prodoc, Pacdoc, Python, GW-BASIC, Java, CES edupack
 2D: AutoCAD, OSD Drafting (ME10)
 2D/3D: ArtiosCAD, Fokus konstruksjon, Novapoint
 3D: Unigraphics, Inventor (+ Autodesk Vault), Solid Works, OSD Modelling (Solid Designer)/ Creo elements, Revit, Navisworks

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Alle våre anmeldelser er samlet inn gjennom våre kanaler og er 100 % pålitelige. De svarer til en reell erfaring en elev har hatt med sin lærer.

3 anbefalinger


Hun er en av de mest tålmodige personene jeg har møtt, og har alltid smil på lur. Hun har mye erfaring fra UiT med å hjelpe andre med fag som matte og fysikk. Vil absolutt anbefale Eeke til andre som trenger hjelp med matte og fysikk fag.


Jeg anbefaler Eeke fordi hun har en utrolig hjerne og personlighet. Hun er en av de smarteste personen jeg har møtt noen gang. Eeke var veldig positiv til å hjelpe meg på egen fritid og er kjempe flink

Eeke studerer også master i ingeniørfag. Hun har hjulpet meg med mine ingeniørfag selv om vi går helt forskjellige retninger med forskjellige og veldig ulike fag. Hun har en usedvanlig god forståelse for matematikk og fysikk. jeg vil bruke meg selv som et eksempel, jeg er utrolig dårlig i matematikk og de fleste som har hjulpet meg har gitt opp for lenge siden, men Eeke derimot har vært veldig tålmodig og forståelsesfull. Jeg vil også nevne at Eeke er hjelpelærer ved UiT og gjør en fantastisk jobb der!

Jeg anbefaler Eeke til Superproof-nettverket fordi hun er meget flink faglig, veldig tålmodig og har en usedvanlig god evne til å forklare ting andre har vanskeligheter med å forstå.


Eeke er en av de smarteste folk jeg kjenner. Hun kan løse alt du gir henne. Noen ganger så blir vi så overraska av henne, når hun hjelper oss med et fag som hun aldri har hatt før. Ordet «Superlærer» er en god beskrivelse av Eeke. Eeke har hjulpet meg med flere (fremdeles) forskjellige fag, nemlig; mekanikk. Hver gang jeg får hjelp fra henne, så er jeg veldig fornøyd. I tillegg har hun gode kvaliteter, nemlig; hun er snill, hjelpsom, direkte og vennlig.

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Erik Emil
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Hos henne Hos deg Via webcam
1 time Ikke tilgjengelig 152kr 150kr
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